Day 6 of the 10k Challenge

Today was damn cold at -10°C (feels like -19°C), but at least sunny and beautiful. I ran a similar route that I have for the past few days, but every day am able to notice something different along the way as I stop to take my run photos. Since I started the challenge on Sunday, I’ve been doing deep breathing and stretching for at least 5 minutes everyday after my workout which I’m finding is contributing to my declining soreness day after day. My pace has remained pretty steady each day between 5-6minutes/km including stopping to take a few photos and tying my shoe laces along the way. I’d definitely like to improve this substantially in the next few weeks. I continued listening to the E-Myth Revisited audiobook for the second time where I was able to pull many more insights then the first read and overall felt happy, positive, and motivated.

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