Day 12 of the 10k Challenge

Woke up early again today and started my run off a bit later than usual this morning at around 11:00am. For the first time during this challenge, I didn’t feel like running today and procrastinated. The skies were really dreary, grey, and kind of depressing, but the weather was warm in Toronto at 3°C. I started running from the Distillery down Queens Quay, past Sugar Beach then back east down the Don Valley Trail to Riverdale Farm. The trail was super muddy and my feet got soaked at around the 8km mark. It also started raining towards the end of the run which gave me a bit of a brain freeze and headache. Started off the morning with a protein shake with egg whites, almond milk, kale, banana, and protein powder, a bowl of oatmeal, and a scoop of BCAA’s which gave me consistent energy throughout my run. I surprisingly don’t feel too sore after 12 days of running straight (+120km) – the stretching and deep breathing after every workout has definitely helped.

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