Day 30 of the 10k Challenge

I can’t believe there’s only one day left of the 10k Challenge! It’s been a super tough journey, but very rewarding in so many ways. This morning I had a protein ball and oatmeal with cottage cheese and almonds followed by BCAAs before my workout. I started with resistance training on arms and back at 8:30am this morning (a bit earlier than usual), but felt the oatmeal I ate just 30 minutes earlier, sit in my stomach. I ran 5.6k on the treadmill at a pace of around 4′45-5′00 then ran 5.4k outdoors with Ellie. It’s finally a sunny day in Toronto, but I was shocked at how cold it was when I went outside. Today is – 9°C and windy – we ran down Queens Quay by the Jack Layton Terminal then up to St. Lawrence Market and back down the Esplanade. Overall pace was decent at 5′39 that included stopping at traffic lights a few times.

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