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Find your stride

“The Book The fitness world needs right now.”

– Steve Magness, Bestselling Author of Peak performance

Find your stride

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About The Book

Find Your Stride offers an unconventional approach to fitness, with simple tools to transform your body and mind

People think they want to be told exactly what to do: the winning formula to achieve holistic “well being,” the right recipe, the plan that will help them lose fat, build muscle, and increase energy levels. Most plans are rigid and don’t have the flexibility to account for every individual’s needs, with specific rules and principles to adhere to: eat this, don’t eat that, do these exercises, don’t do those. When we veer off the path and don’t fit the specific mold laid out by health gurus alike, we get discouraged and quit.

We’re all uniquely different and therefore each and every one of us needs our own individualized program—a program that’s flexible and ever changing to suit our evolving lifestyle and preferences.

Realizing there is no such thing as a universal plan for everyone, Find Your Stride offers an unconventional approach to fitness and a digestible amalgamation of the latest research in nutrition, exercise science, and psychology to give you the simple tools to transform your body and mind. The book offers pragmatic advice on how to craft individualized, sustainable training and nutrition plans to see real, palpable changes in your physique—build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and stick with it over the long haul.

Find Your Stride is not about following one plan to “arrive”— it’s about being open to lifelong experimentation: learning, trying, tweaking, refining, and finding an individualized plan through self discovery that’s right for you. It’s a reiterative process—doing small actions each day and conducting mini experiments that compound into material changes over time.

Find Your Stride challenges readers to look inward while providing the framework for finding deeper meaning in their goals—a hallmark of building consistency. If you position yourself as an explorer, you can’t fail and sabotage yourself. You’re building a foundation to learn and grow, which are the building blocks to sustaining your fitness journey for life.

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About The Author

Emily Rudow is a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, and a fitness writer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University. Emily is also an avid long-distance runner. In 2017, she broke a world record by running 74 consecutive half-marathon distances (21.1 kilometers/13.1 miles) while raising over $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Since then, she hasn’t stopped running. To date, she has run an average of 10 kilometers every day for over four years.

About The Author

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