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Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 6.48.15 AM.pngI’ve returned home from my trip to Portland and today’s run was back in Port Credit. Yesterday’s crazy early morning run left me physically exhausted so I went to bed shortly after my plane landed early evening. Today’s run was probably my slowest one so far of the challenge. My digestive system was out of whack from travelling. I’m so used to making my own food and sticking to a pretty regular diet – when I travel, I veer off that diet and eat more processed foods. I had sharp stomach pains for about 80% of the run which came and went regularly. It was painful and caused me to run very slow. I had a nice chat with my mom on the phone which helped distract me from the pain a bit. Weather was cloudy and warm with a cool breeze – the skies started getting really dark and it began to pour for the last 4k. I was stuck in a torrential downpour, which was actually quite refreshing!

I was happy to get back to my regular pre-workout diet which has been a staple of this challenge; a Vega smoothie with banana, almond milk, spinach, mixed berries, and peanut butter and two energy balls made from dates, peanut butter, coconut, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and plain protein powder. After much experimentation, this has been my go-to pre-workout meal; it keeps me the fullest longest without feeling overly full and keeps my energy levels pretty consistent.

Only 3 more days left in the #RUN70 Challenge! Hoping my stomach will feel better tomorrow.

Paced very slow at 6’30km/10’28mi after 2 hours 20 minutes and 5 seconds.

*Follow my journey as I run 70 half marathons consecutively on behalf of Oneiric to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Any donation big or small makes a huge difference. To Donate, visit our #RUN70 Canadian Cancer Donation Page.

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