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Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 8.22.26 PM.pngI’m visiting my aunt in Gresham, Oregon for the last leg of my trip and got to experience a more scenic run today (as opposed to the city view). Gresham is very close to Columbia Gorge that encapsulated beautiful waterfalls, a dam and fish ladders, amazing hikes, vistas, and many other incredible sights. I ran through the main parts of town then finished the last few kilometres down the famous 40-Mile Loop trail. Weather was warm and sunny, but not humid at all at 17° and my body and legs felt 100% better than yesterday. Dat 64 was my hardest run so far – everything hurt. This challenge has been very interesting in that one day, my body will throb and I’ll think it’s going to get worst and worst as I get closer to day 70 then the next day I’ll feel completely back to normal. Legs, body and mind feeling strong again. I say this to everyone who asks how I’m feeling (which is everyone I meet)…”some days are better than others”. Getting a PB around the 50 day mark proves that your body can adapt to distances -even before this challenge when I was doing 8-10k 6 days/week, some days I was extremely slow and others, I was sprinting sub 4’30 paces. It all depends on the day.

My pre-workout meal was a Quest protein bar and banana – a staple in my travel diet since I’ve been visiting Portland. Usually this sustains me for the entire run, but today I was feeling very hungry around the 13k mark and felt my energy levels steadily decline. My girlfriend was waiting for me at the 18k mark to give me some water and energy bar to finish off the run – the best support team ever 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be tough..I’ve been worried about day 66’s run for the entire trip. My flight leaves at 8:00am which means I’m going to have to get up at 2:30am and out the door by 3:15am to get there on time. I’ve never woken up that early for a run – it’s going to be very hard for sure.

Only 5 more days left in the #RUN70 Challenge!

Paced decent at 6’03km/9’45mi after 2 hours 10 minutes and 51 seconds.

*Follow my journey as I run 70 half marathons consecutively on behalf of Oneiric to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Any donation big or small makes a huge difference. To Donate, visit our #RUN70 Canadian Cancer Donation Page.

All updates will be posted on the #run70 Half Marathon Challenge Facebook page -follow along if you’re interested 🤘🏼IMG_1621.JPG

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