Finding Inspiration on a Friday

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Finally…It’s Friday! The week is almost over..You wake up to your alarm the last day of the week and tell yourself..Just one more day of this..

Fridays are a weird day for me..I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on any task at hand, I always sport a sweater and jeans, and just feel like surfing the web and talking to my co-workers all day…Fridays draw the least inspiration, creativity, and drive out of me. I’m ready to start my weekend. Mondays on the other hand, are a fresh start to the new week. After a nice relaxing, sedentary weekend where I was able to re-charge my mental and physical batteries, I’m able to start the week off fresh with high hopes of a very productive week. And usually, I am more motivated and inspired about the events and to-dos I’m planning to tackle throughout my week.

Recently, I’ve shifted my mentality a bit from the moment I wake up at 5:30am on a Friday morning. Instead of starting the day off loathing the fact that I need to pull myself together and “think” for one more day, I decided that my Friday will be the new Monday. I wake up happy and excited to start a weekend of productivity. Instead of making my weekends a drinking and eating fest, I decided to make it my new work week. This is where I can focus on other things; reading, guitar, longer and harder workouts, spending quality time with my girlfriend, making delicious dinners and lunches, going to the market, working on my start up, preparing for the next week.

This new mentality I’ve acquired excites me. Instead of being a sloth and letting go of my healthy, productive self and succumbing to the temptations of fattening foods, beer, and sitting around all weekend, I have decided to make my weekend my own work week. Feeling energetic, motivated, and excited all weekend long.

So far so good.

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