My Alcohol-Free Month

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So I decided to take the month off drinking any alcohol….I thought January was the month to choose since I was in desperate need of a detox from all the Dominos, Christmas dinners, drinks, and desserts that I splurged on in December….I’m on day 22 with a little over a week to go. 

Going into it, I had a lot of doubts..I can barely even make it a week without drinking, how am I going to manage a full month off? To my surprise, it has been incredibly easy up to this point..Sure I crave the occasional pint or glass of wine, but other then that it has been nothing but extremely gratifying.

The benefits of not drinking for a month have been extremely rewarding up to this point…

  • I’ve lost close to 10lbs so far (workouts have remained the same)
  • I’ve out for dinner significantly less (only gone out twice this entire month!)
  • I’ve avoided overdraft in my account
  • Used the money I would’ve spent on alcohol to pay off a chunk of my Visa and Phone bill
  • My days are way more productive..I get about double the amount of work done now then I used to.

These are just a few of the many benefits my alcohol-free month has provided. Now what will happen after Day 30? Will I go back to my old habits? Or just drink more casually….I’m banking on the latter.

Everyone should take at least 1 month off drinking a year. It’s very self liberating.

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