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Great start to the third week of the challenge. Legs were feeling really good this morning and weather was amazing at 17°. It was raining a bit at 8:00am, but cleared up pretty quickly.

I had a big meal this morning (about 800 calories) that consisted of a Vega Smoothie with banana, spinach, almond milk, egg whites (330 cals), then 1/2 hour later had a bowl of steel cut oats with cottage cheese, 1/2 scoop of Vega, and cherries (452 cals). Eating two meals before gave me pretty good energy throughout my run, but when I finished, I was starving.

I started a new (really creep) book called The Doll Maker by Richard Montanari, my third (10+ hour audiobook) of the challenge.

End pace was 6’19k/10’10mi after 2 hours 14 minutes and 53 seconds.

*Follow my journey as I run 70 half marathons consecutively on behalf of Oneiric to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Any donation big or small makes a huge difference. To Donate, visit our #RUN70 Canadian Cancer Donation Page.FullSizeRender-8.jpg


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