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Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 8.14.40 AM.pngI lucked out again with weather, the third nice day in a row in Toronto at 21-22°. My legs felt a lot better than yesterday and the run went by quicker today. Because of the beautiful weather, the Waterfront trail was pretty busy. I used my new shoes again and feel like my feet have broke them in already.

I mixed up my pre-workout breakfast this morning and had 2 poached eggs on whole wheat toast and a banana with sunflower seed butter. The combination kept me full and energized throughout the run. Didn’t witness anything too exciting today (unlike yesterday), but really enjoyed running by the water.

Pace was slow, but better than yesterday’s at 6’22km/10’15mi after 2 hours 15 minutes and 47 seconds.

*Follow my journey as I run 70 half marathons consecutively on behalf of Oneiric to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Any donation big or small makes a huge difference. To Donate, visit our #RUN70 Canadian Cancer Donation Page.IMG_0941.JPGAll updates will be posted on the #run70 Half Marathon Challenge Facebook page -follow along if you’re interested 🤘🏼

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