My Month Long Plant-Based Experiment

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For the month of November, I’m giving the plant-based diet a try. For a full 30 days I’m eating entirely Vegan. After attending the  World Domination Summit in Portand, I saw Rich Roll speak on the main stage – he piqued my interest in the Vegan lifestyle enough for me to investigate further. Rich is a Vegan endurance athlete that has accomplished some incredible feats including the Epic 5 where he completed 5 iron main distance triathlons in 5 consecutive days. His journey and plant-based diet was truly inspiring and shortly after I saw him speak, I was debating whether I should give it a try myself.

It was the last 10 days of #RUN70 and I was very tempted to go Vegan for the remainder of the challenge. Sure enough, on my way home I caught a really nasty stomach bug and made the decision to play it safe and stick to my regular diet.

After recently finishing Eat & Run by Scott Jurek and Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, I was sold on the benefits of the plant-based diet. Mostly for the heightened energy levels, mood boosters, and the supposedly positive impact it will have on my runs. I love the idea of eating more whole foods and eliminating processed garbage. I’m going to try and stay away from too much soy-based products and meat substitutes during the challenge and super excited to share my progress. I think 30 days is a long enough time-frame to see and feel the effects on my body.

I’m going to run at least 8 kilometres /5 miles per day or more while continuing resistance training 4-5 days per week and keep an updated log on my food consumption, energy, and mood. I’ll be posting one blog per week on the week’s progress, some of my favourite meals, and updated weight/body fat. Follow along on Instagram for my daily progress.

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