Day 31 of the 10k Challenge

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I’m excited and SO relieved to have completed my last 10k of the 10k/day January challenge. It’s been a bumpy and difficult month, but I feel an incredible sense of self-growth after undertaking this journey. I did the full 10k outdoors today – the weather was -3°C, cloudy, and snowy in Port Credit. In total this month I ran 345.7km (214.8 miles), which is equal to 8.19 marathons. In addition to the runs I did 31 consecutive blog posts, social posts, and drank 0 alcoholic beverages in the month of January. I felt extra motivated and energized this morning – had some Icelandic yogurt mixed with Kind peanut butter cereal and some BCAAs pre-workout. On the run I was lucky enough to see a flock of hundreds of birds fly over the water. Stay tuned for my post-challenge blog post on my learning and key takeaways from the challenge. Ready to have a large pint of beer tomorrow 🙂

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