Day 21 of the 10k Challenge

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I slept in a bit this morning – went to do a team demo for Oneiric at a speed and agility training centre around 9:30am so I started my run at close to 1:00pm today. I decided to work on my interval training and set a goal to get under the 45 minute mark on the treadmill. I just made it at 44:55, pacing at 4′30. My quads felt tight and sore today. I definitely struggled especially after the 30 minute mark and had to push myself. Listened to some good tunes to keep me motivated including some hard EDM tracks to pump me up when I was running over level 9. I sweat buckets and ended the run with a cool down and a really good stretch followed by some deep breathing. Only 100km left to go for the January challenge and going to try and squeeze in a few more treadmill workouts!

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