Day 26 of the 10k Challenge

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I decided to break up my run again into into two parts; 6.5k on the treadmill doing high intensity interval training and then took my dog running outdoors for the remaining 3.5k. Another grey sky (for the 8th day in a row) and rainy at 3°C in Toronto. January has felt more like a Vancouver winter with warm temperatures, rain, and grey skies. I’ve lucked out for most of the month experiencing only a few very cold days. I started the morning off with a high protein smoothie with BCAAs that I drank while doing arms and back resistance training before my run. I felt consistent energy and didn’t feel hungry or tired like I did yesterday. My dog Ellie and I ran down the Esplanade to St. Lawrence Market then down to sugar beach where we snapped a photo by the Redpath Sugar Refinery. My joints and muscles are feeling surprisingly good after running 26 days in a row. I can feel that my legs have gained some muscle and are a lot stronger than when I started

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