Day 3 of the 10k Challenge

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The weather was pretty crappy outside today (4° and rainy) so I decided to do my 10k today indoors on the treadmill. This is the first time I’ve ever run a full 10k on a treadmill so I was a bit nervous about what the experience was going to be like before my rum. My treadmill workouts usually consist of 22 minutes of high intensity interval training and by the end of the 22 minutes I’m definitely ready to stop. Instead of super high intensity, I did a more consistent pace of around 4:15-4:30/km for the first 5k then slowed down a bit to 4:20-4:46 for the second half. I could definitely feel my legs stiffening up on the last mile so slowed down my pace a bit. It felt good to mix up my 10k and try something different. Made sure to do a good 10 minute stretch afterwards and some deep breathing. My hamstrings are a bit tight from the 3 days, but hoping they loosen up as my body adjusts to running longer distances each day.

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