Find Your Stride is Now Available on Audible and iTunes The audiobook version is here!

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find you stride audible

I’m excited to share that Find Your Stride is now available on Audible and iTunes – Woohoo!

I produced this one with the folks at Post Hypnotic Press Inc. and narrated the unabridged book myself. Lemme tell you: it was an experience. I’ve included a comprehensive PDF to accompany the audiobook which includes some fancy calculations, experiment templates, training & nutrition plans, and other good stuff.

To grab the audio, hit up one of the links below: (US) (CA) (UK) (FR) (DE)

Thank you so much for the support + I really hope you like it 🙂

PS. If you decide to have a listen, I’d be so appreciative if you could leave an honest review on Audible, Amazon, and/or Goodreads! x

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