Day 14 of the 10k Challenge

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Today was cold and grey in Toronto at -3°C (felt like -6°C) and to be honest, I really didn’t feel like running today. I procrastinated for a good chunk of the morning by doing work and taking my dog for a long walk and felt my limbic system in full effect – strong resistance to the thought of running. I eventually got out the door around 11:30am and ran along the Queens Quay waterfront to Spadina then back, finally ending at a breakfast spot at Queen and Broadview. A friend I haven’t seen in a while gave me a ring as I was heading back and decided to meet her for a tea to catch-up before returning home. I was able to get in a few more kms, marking day 14 as the longest run I’ve done so far this challenge at 12.75km. Also made a stop at sugar beach to catch some rays 😉

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