Day 15 of the 10k Challenge

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I slept in a bit this morning and awoke around 9:00am – wanted to get the run out of the way early so I could enjoy the rest of my Sunday. For today’s 10k I decided that I would do high intensity interval training on the treadmill to boost my metabolism. I ate about ¾ cup of Icelandic yogurt followed by a scoop of BCAAs pre-workout. I struggled a bit today, wishing I ate a bit more carbs beforehand for consistent energy. I didn’t want to make the same mistake as last time and eat too much before running so I ate substantially less. Not my best time, but not my worst either. Paced at around 4′15-4′45 with an overall pace of 4′34. Finished the run off with a high protein smoothie (40g) consisting of 1 scoop of protein powder, almond milk, 1 cup of egg whites, a banana and 2 cups of spinach. Feeling the runners high after today’s workout 🙂

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