Day 16 of the 10k Challenge

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It’s a beautiful January morning in Toronto at -2°C and I started my morning run early at 8:15am. I ran by the waterfront again – it was a bit windy, but the sun was warm and I felt relaxed. Snapped a photo of this alien-like sphere thing by Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. I’m now half done the January running challenge and am feeling really good. I’ve noticed that I get more tired earlier in the day since I started, but no joint, muscle pain or any injuries thus far. Some days are more difficult to get out the door than others, but I can feel my willpower increase in other areas of my life as well. I approach daunting tasks and projects in my work with more enthusiasm and drive to get things done, display overall better self control with eating, and 90% of the time, wake up before 6:00am. I finished off my first Medium article this morning and am feeling productive and ready to take on the week.

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