Day 29 of the 10k Challenge

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I woke up this morning excited to know that there are only 3 days and 30km left to go for the challenge. It’s been a long month and can’t believe that after today, there’s only 2 days left! The past week, I’ve been splitting up my runs with interval training mixed with slower pace, outdoor running and have been enjoying the runs much more. 10km on the treadmill is tough and boring, and running outdoors is less boring, but more time consuming. I’ve been finding it difficult to set aside the 2 hours/day to do resistance training, social + blog posts, running and stretching. Breaking it up has been much more manageable – I’ve also been able to take my dog with me so she can get some exercise. This morning’s breakfast included an energy ball made from almond butter, cranberries, protein powder, kale powder, oats, and a little bit of dark chocolate, and a protein smoothie with almond milk, spinach, egg whites, banana, and protein powder. I ran to Cherry beach and back with Ellie and my girlfriend – it was -2°C, with some sun and partly cloudy. I did a total of 5k outdoors and another 5.9k of high intensity interval training on the treadmill followed by a leg and ab workout. Felt really high energy today and ended the workout with a steam and shower.

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