10 km per Day January Challenge

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After reading the Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau, I was inspired to create my own mini quest – something challenging, yet achievable to start the year off right. For the month of January, I’ll be running 10km/day for 31 days for a total of 310km. In addition to the running challenge, I’m also going to be giving up alcohol for the entire month as well to help clear my mind and give me more clarity and focus with my work. The 10k can be broken up into more then one run each day and can be outside or on a treadmill. I’ll be documenting my runs everyday by uploading a different picture and blogging about my experience, forcing me to go on a slightly different route for each run. Despite weather conditions (heavy snow and cold in Canadian winters) or any other personal issues (sickness, soreness, etc.), I must run 10km every day. I’m excited to start this challenge and see where I end up physically and mentally at the end of January.

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