Day 9 of the 10k Challenge

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I woke up today a bit tired and groggy – the skies were grey and I had a bit of a headache. Took me a bit longer to actually wake up and feel productive, but after reading for half an hour and two coffees in, felt a bit more alive. My run today started off good, it was -6°C (feels like -12°C), but towards the end it got really windy and caused a bit of a brain freeze/headache from the cold. I continued listening to the E-Myth Revisited, drawing new insights and inspirations into my business. A few main takeaways from the two chapters I listened to included developing business systems and processes for scalability and separating yourself from the business. Sometimes I forget that my business is not actually a part of me; it’s a separate entity and has it’s own goals and purpose. For the second half of my run I talked to my business partner, Kayla on the phone and we discussed some major goals for this quarter, metrics and accountability. Feeling ready and motivated to take on the second week of my 10k Challenge.

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